2023 Sustainable Investment Outlook

2023 Sustainable Investment Outlook As the world continues to emerge from Covid-19 lockdowns, the cracks in economies and societies, as well as the flaws in environmental ambitions, are starting to present themselves. This year, the debt legacy from the pandemic continues to limit governments’ capacities to support societies through difficult times. As such, we are… Continue reading 2023 Sustainable Investment Outlook

Mitigating Business and Investment Risks of Greenflation

Mitigating Business and Investment Risks of Greenflation In 2022, inflation is cited as the most concerning issue worldwide. From the Russian-Ukraine war and its trickle-down effects on food and energy security to the unequal recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic across nations, inflation is necessarily caused by the complexity of interconnected global economic conditions. However, another… Continue reading Mitigating Business and Investment Risks of Greenflation

Is Investing in ESG Akin to Investing in Risk Management?

Is Investing in ESG Akin to Investing in Risk Management? When it comes to managing risk, more and more investors are turning to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. In fact, a recent study by Deutsche Bank found that nearly two-thirds of institutional investors believe that ESG considerations can help them mitigate risk. Simple investigation and extrapolation… Continue reading Is Investing in ESG Akin to Investing in Risk Management?

Negative-Emissions Solutions: How They Work And What Businesses Can Gain

Global carbon emissions, derived primarily from the combustion of fossil fuels to obtain energy, have risen drastically since the advent of the Industrial Revolution. Unfortunately, a relatively small number of countries are responsible for the majority of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The Role Of Hardtech In A Sustainable Future

In 2015, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) unilaterally agreed upon a charter dedicated and committed to sustainable development for the people in the ASEAN community. Setting a goal for 2025, this very same charter looked towards an ASEAN Community Vision, which emphasised a regional focus on environmental protection for the present and future.

Things That HRs Can Do to Contribute to A Circular Economy

It’s undeniable that the world’s economy has changed drastically in the past two decades of the 2000s. From the shocking consequences of America’s subprime mortgage loan crisis that started in 2007, to the recent financial devastation trailing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic – titanic global events have reshaped the collective view of resource management.

What Is Circular Economy And How Does It Impact Supply Chains

Defined as a systems-focused approach designed to minimise waste and involve processes geared towards restorative and regenerative behaviour, a circular economy aims to disrupt the current model of resource utilisation.

Supporting Green Growth in Indonesia

Indonesia has had vibrant economic growth over the past few decades, lifting millions of people out of poverty.

Digitalisation Revolutionising the Steel Industry

The longevity and success of a business depends on the strategies of its leaders – the same goes for our planet. But what does that business plan look like?

World of Metal – A Closer Look Into The Nickel Industry

Steel is not the only lucrative metal in the industry. Click through for a deeper look at the upcoming opportunities in the nickel market.

S'pore's Gunung Capital to invest $500m to decarbonise asset
credits to https://www.straitstimes.com/business/companies-markets/singapores-gunung-capital-to-invest-500-million-to-decarbonise-assets-invest-in-transformation-services