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Kimin Tanoto is a serial entrepreneur and business leader who has founded multiple businesses in a wide array of niche industries – including asset management, cement and steel. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Gunung Capital. From 2020 to 2022, he also served as a member of the Board of Commissioners for Gunung Raja Paksi, the largest steel manufacturing company in Indonesia. Kimin Tanoto’s approach to investing is built upon his background in steel manufacturing. He firmly believes that entrepreneurship skills can be taught, and an entrepreneur’s mindset can be sharpened – but there is a lot that goes into shaping one. Often, it can be associated with one’s upbringing, influences and innate motivation. To Kimin Tanoto, every entrepreneur needs an environment that allows him or her to nurture those skills.

Gunung Raja Paksi: Leading Integrated Steel Manufacturer in Indonesia

With a global base across 40+ countries, Gunung Raja Paksi (GRP) is now one of Southeast Asia’s largest, privately-owned vertically integrated steel companies. It was successfully listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 2019. Today, the organisation boasts an integrated steel manufacturing facility of ~3 MTPA. Its strong relationship with regional and international financial institutes and strategic partnerships across the infrastructure chain has enabled the organisation to deliver quality and on-time projects.

GRP underwent a tremendous transformation under the leadership of Kimin Tanoto. After a strategic alliance with one of the largest Chinese steel companies, Kimin’s decision to bring in a world-class management and operations team has propelled the organisation forward. Since then, not only were the management and operational capabilities improved, the organisation has also established an advantageous relationship with MCC CISDI Group, granting them access to advanced engineering and production technologies – which are all integral to the steel industry.

Gunung Capital: Global Asset Management Institution Driven By Transformation

Gunung Capital is an institutional asset management company that invests, owns, and operates a significant portfolio with transformative potential. The organisation identifies aspects of value creation and enhances economic transformation through an operationally hands-on approach. 

All in all, Gunung Capital seeks to leverage its unique investment strategy to generate differentiated deals and opportunities from special market situations.

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