GRP Uplifts its Employee in the Age of the Pandemic

It is not surprising to know that the pandemic brought about a wave of changes to the world – undesirable changes, to be specific. Disruptions rocked almost every person, household, school, and company. Plenty of lives and livelihoods were lost. Beyond that, a rise in inequality was seen, as the pandemic sharpened the social and economic divides in societies. Such a rise in inequality, coupled with the widening of existing divisions, hurt both the social cohesion and growth of the world. 


From an economic perspective, global markets were declining at breakneck speed. No country confronted this alone. The unfortunate consequences of the pandemic were faced by all as economies across the globe were thrown into upheaval. It may be difficult to uncover it whole, but there is no doubt about the severe impacts it had on the global economy. The substantial uncertainty caused by these impacts also breeds anxiety and has placed financial pressure on many.  


Among the many challenges brought about by the pandemic, mental health was one. All of these led to dampened work performance, a drop in morale and fragmented team cohesion. Reduced work productivity was also witnessed, diminishing workers’ ability to focus and get tasks done efficiently. 


In the battle against COVID-19, Gunung Raja Paksi (GRP)’s employees have also taken a dramatic hit. The pandemic has made the burden on the employees heavy. As the Board of Commissioner of GRP, Kimin Tanoto cannot just sit back and watch. Kimin believes that he needs to step up and support his employees and the community with empathy, compassion, and kindness during this uncertain time.

The families of GRP employees waiting in line to receive groceries and essential food

Showing His Appreciation & Staying True to His Values Amid Crisis

Although the pandemic has delayed several infrastructure projects for GRP, Kimin has been committed to maintaining the economic condition of the community and his employees. The leader of GRP believes that his staff is the backbone of his organisation, and he also recognises the importance of keeping his people and their families afloat economically. 

To shed a positive light on this harrowing situation, GRP took it upon its shoulders to ease the burden of its employees. With the aim of helping its employees and their family stay afloat during this uncertain time so that they can steer through the pandemic, GRP pulls out its resources and expands its repertoire of inclusive behaviours. 

Many efforts were made to help the employees. For one, Kimin and his team provided groceries and essential food assistance to 5,500 of his employees, including individuals in production units and security departments – the second time the company has made such a contribution since the pandemic hit Indonesia in 2020.

In light of the contribution, Kimin has shared that the endeavour was not only meant to lighten his employees’ burden, but also to express his affection and care towards them. He also believes that these little steps he takes reflect social solidarity and is undoubtedly an act of affirmation towards his beloved staff. 

Kimin Tanoto shares, “I have a firm belief in people’s ability to rise above challenges and to punch above their weight, so I want to empower our people and to make sure they and their family are well taken care of. I want to ensure that our people grow with us.”

Packets of rice given out to the employees of GRP
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