Bringing Value with New Age Thinking

Gunung Raja Paksi was transformed by tenacious businessman Kimin Tanoto, who was appointed as a Board of Commissioner in 2019. After being educated in the West, Kimin bridged the lessons he learnt from East and West. In a matter of almost a decade, he turned his family’s steel company into one of the largest, vertically integrated steel companies in Southeast Asia. In recognition of his contributions to the local steel industry, Kimin was appointed as the Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Iron and Steel Association.


Kimin plays a critical role in bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and their dreams. Using his own experience in the field, Kimin’s regular work leading the organisation slowly evolved into helping other aspiring entrepreneurs get acquainted with Indonesia’s investment laws and landscape to eventually enter the Indonesian market.


Being in such a position, Kimin is able to leverage his global and regional business connections, visionary business acumen and deep operational expertise to establish partnerships with world-class companies in the steel and cement industry on top of top-tier financial institutions and capital markets. With his inquisitive nature, he began to seize investment opportunities in Asia and the rest of the world by making his own insights, gradually transitioning to focus on asset management. 


Armed with a unique set of knowledge and expertise, Kimin also has the drive to incorporate “green” initiatives into his company’s manufacturing and business processes, encouraging more large corporations in Indonesia to take the first step towards adopting sustainable business practices

Work Hard, Stay Grounded & Inspire

Despite being a man with outstanding successes, Kimin Tanoto keeps both feet firmly on the ground. He is eternally grateful to his family, who has stood by him through difficult times, as well as his long-term business partners turned friends, who have trusted his numerous business decisions for years. 

Kimin believes in people and their ability to rise above challenges and break boundaries, which is why he provides endless support and resources to his staff to empower them to do better. Not only does he dedicate time and resources to care for his team members, but he also takes care of their family too. To him, there is no better motivation than seeing his comrades growing alongside him. 

In recent years, Kimin started making Community Social Responsibility (CSR) a priority and is always on the lookout for more opportunities to give back to society. He even made it a point to volunteer his personal time to support meaningful causes, after being deeply inspired while organising his company’s CSR.

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