Humanity Above All: GRP Chipping in to Help Despite Challenges in the Economy

To say that the pandemic has changed the world would be an understatement. Over the span of a few months, people from across the globe had to adjust to an entirely new way of life with minimal social interaction and maximum protection, all while trying to put bread on the table. While the situation has impacted everyone globally, the impact it had on the underprivileged has been devastating. Stories of poverty, hunger, and joblessness became a common thread running through the vulnerable community. 


Most people are having a difficult time. Some, having been laid off or having their pay cut, find themselves heavily in debt. The inability to pay bills has landed families in dire situations. In desperation, there are many who resort to pawning prized possessions or valuable belongings in order to tide through the storm and to support their families.


Besides individuals, the pandemic has also affected small and large businesses in Indonesia, including GRP, resulting in companies suffering a loss in revenue during the past year. The pandemic ended Indonesia’s two-decade run of consistent economic expansion due to a sudden and sharp drop in demand and disruption to supply chains.


However, despite the sharp fall in the market, Kimin Tanoto, Commissioner of GRP, still firmly believes in giving back to the community and doing good by enforcing corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts through GRP.

Giving Back in Difficult Times

Bags of rice and mineral water to be given out to the underprivileged communities

Late last year, we saw GRP’s concern for fellow Indonesians through their assistance to the residents of Ciampea Village, Bogor. This was done in the context of the CSR movement.


Through their donation in the form of 3500 packages of rice, umbrellas, and raincoats, they helped to ease the burden on the underprivileged communities around Ciampea, who can barely afford daily necessities for day to day life. 


During this time, Kimin has also shared that “(although) many infrastructure projects were delayed, which also affects our business as a steel industry, we must continue to care, so that our people will be taken care of.” He believes that while the business might have been affected, it is his priority to ensure that his people’s finances or paychecks are maintained, and that they have what they need to get by this difficult time.


Apart from that, in September 2020, Kimin also offered support to a total of 6000 employees and residents who are working in the vicinity of the Sukadanau Cibitung Village by providing everyday essentials like rice. Kimin expressed, “In these difficult conditions, we continue to share and carry out donation activities to ease the burden on society during a pandemic.”


The pandemic brought about sweeping changes and disruptions to daily life. Feelings of anxiety and fear became the norm for many struggling individuals and families. With empathy and by going the extra mile, Kimin believes that he is able to help the needy feel less lonely and more empowered during this time with continual CSR efforts through GRP. In times of crisis, a little support can go a long way.

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