GRP's Commitment to Employee Welfare and Health through Vaccination

It has been more than a year since Indonesia reported its first COVID-19 case, but there are still plenty of roadblocks ahead, and we are barely out of the woods yet.


As of July, Indonesia is currently experiencing a massive spike in COVID-19 infection – with the number of new cases tripling in recent weeks. This unprecedented spike – possibly fuelled by the emergence of the new, highly transmittable Delta variant – has led to hospital overload across many regions in the Archipelago, pushing our health system to the brink. But the Delta variant is not the only factor that drives Indonesia’s COVID threat to a whole new level. Vaccine scepticism has also complicated efforts to bring the pandemic under control.


Despite the government’s implementations and strict curbs, only a change in the public’s attitude towards the vaccine – along with social responsibility – will aid in slowing down the spread of the virus. A herd immunity needs to be reached to be able to see a substantial difference in the state of the nation.


Employers are also in a unique position in the fight against vaccine scepticism. With a direct channel of communication to their employees, employers play a crucial role in educating employees and normalising vaccination. Actions such as company-wide initiatives can be taken.

Efforts by GRP to Curb Infection Rates

GRP vaccination programme

Amid these tumults, Gunung Raja Paksi (GRP) is stepping up to enhance the public’s trust in COVID-19 vaccines through various ways. For one, it is ensuring that its people can conveniently receive their vaccination – with the roll-out of a vaccination programme for around five thousand employees of the organisation, including workers at the production factory and office, its vendors and security officers. Initially set to complete by 17 August 2021, GRP has set a new, ambitious target of achieving vaccination for all its employees by the end of July 2021. To aid in meeting this timeline, GRP conducted a mass vaccination last weekend – which offers the first jab to at least 1700 employees.

GRP safety measures

On top of the vaccination programme, GRP has also proactively taken steps to crank up protection measures. Checking of temperature, ensuring that its employees have masks on at all times, and providing hand washing facilities at various strategic points are just some of the health protocols put in place. Physical meetings and conferences are also minimised to reduce the duration and proximity of physical interactions. Where possible, business operations are conducted remotely.

The Ultimate Goal of The Vaccination Programme


GRP’s efforts don’t stop at just the vaccination programme. The organisation pledged to stand in full support of the government’s vaccination initiatives and will continue to encourage the general public and its employees to get vaccinated.


Through these efforts, GRP hopes to play a part in accelerating the attainment of population-wide herd immunity so the nation can build a resilient recovery. Only with resilience can we get through hardships and preserve the strong position that Indonesia has worked so hard to build over the decades.

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